Stable Management Tuition

If you want to own your own horse we can give instruction to ride and look after a horse.
For anyone wishing to learn about stable management we have courses available for different levels for looking after a horse. We have a pre-set teaching guide for you to follow to develop your skills and ensure that you can give correct and dedicated attention to your horse.

You will learn how to muck out, feed and water a horse correctly, how to tack up a horse and learn what the individual components of the tack do and how to care for them. There will further be work on all aspects of grooming a horse, conditioning a horse, treating minor injuries, how to manage them and be taught about some of the psychology behind horses.

If owning your own horse is a dream, we can help turn this into a reality. Not only do we have horses for sale, but we can source horses specific to your needs from our vast network of contacts.